Freedom Beat Across America: In Search of America's Heartbeat

We’re Off! Almost

Okay, before people start gnashing their teeth, let me say that I don’t consider “broads” a derogatory term.  I spent my young adulthood with men who saw women as either “girls” or “broads”.  Broads were the strong women, tough and full of laughter, proud of their femininity yet able to hold their own with the guys.  Being careful with their looks, making sure they’re at their most attractive, and then forgetting about it.  Angie Dickinson was a broad; Farrah Fawcett was a girl.  Kyra Sedgwick is a broad; Keira Knightley is a girl.  I’ve always known which one I wanted to be.

That said, I’ve got to say there’s a pretty good stretch in this group.  Two of us are old enough to be grandmas.  I’m actually close to being a great-grandma if my grandson Derek isn’t careful.  One is quintessentially the modern American mom.  And one of us is eleven, which may not qualify as a broad, but hey, she’s tough and strong.  Four of us riding in a van every day for a month should be quite an adventure.  Especially across the southern states throughout the month of August.

Luckily, my job will mostly be to drive the thing.  And find our way to where we need to go.  Melissa will be doing the professional photography as well as most of the interviewing, with Skylar as apprentice camera and gofer.  And Dottie’s the boss.  She set the whole thing up, has pretty much pulled it together and stomps on the rest of us when we’re inclined to whine,  “Well, jeez, I don’t know if I can do that . . . ”

We’re the “Freedom Beat Across America; In Search of America’s Heartbeat”.  We’ve got our maps, our contacts and our aims:  a couple of National Cemeteries, some war memorials, interviews with veterans of American wars, a few meetups with the Patriot Guard, some stops at VFWs.  Oh, and Skylar is looking forward to watching the adults get along (or not).

August 1st:  We’re off!



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2 thoughts on “We’re Off! Almost

  1. Good luck with the trip. Looking foward to meating you and seeing Aunt Dottie when you guy get to Savannah.

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