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The Steamer-Emergency-Trunk

ready for anything

Among other projects today, we decided to put together our First-Aid kit. I’d envisioned a small box or a pouch, but we ended up with something the size of a steamer trunk. Of course, it includes a large bottle of isopropyl alcohol, another of hydrogen peroxide, a jumbo roll of paper towels and every type of Ace bandage known to man. At our age, you collect a few. Hey, it pays to be prepared. Which is why we put the Mydol and Xanax up front, well within reach.

On the theory that if you have it, you probably won’t ever need to use it, we prowled the aisles of Rite Aid looking for things like instant cold-packs, nose-bleed remedies and salt tablets. We even asked the pharmacist’s assistant if they carried spirits of ammonia. She had to look it up. I don’t blame her. I’m not sure stores have stocked that stuff since my granny believed that fainting was a part of every woman’s repertoire. The last time I had it used on me, the nurses insisted that I get out of bed six hours after childbirth and walk to the bathroom. Halfway down the hall, I started to fuzz out. This bull-bitch of a nurse cracked one of those things between her fingers and literally shoved it up my nostril. I bucked like a mare that’s had a match lit in her nose, and that woman probably still has one eye sideways.
The pharmacist’s assistant finally discovered that she might be able to order the ampoules, so we said okay. After all, if one of us goes down, I’m not sure the rest of us could even get her into the car. But I’m warning everyone, don’t even think of shoving one up my nose.
I asked Dottie if she wanted to bring along some hairs from a mule’s tail and a needle, in case we need to sew up a few wounds, but she said we could probably manage without those.
Behind the steamer-emergency-trunk is a big case containing camping equipment. Yeah, we’re planning on staying at motels, but like I said, it pays to be prepared. And baby, we’re ready for anything.
On top of the steamer-emergency-trunk, you can see a LOT of bottles of water provided by Nathan Garner of Alpine Water in Lake Elsinore. And say hello to the Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce. They’re behind us all the way.

plenty of room


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