Freedom Beat Across America: In Search of America's Heartbeat

Aug 1st — Day One!

Packing up

We’re on the road!

Dottie was up banging the pots and pans at 5:30.  That’s AM.  I considered rolling over and pulling the pillow over my head, but she’d just come to the door.  So we were up and loading by seven and on the road at 9 AM.  The drive across the desert couldn’t have been smoother or prettier.  We only made one stop, in Blythe, mainly because the van was half a tank down and I was a couple quarts up.

We made it to Phoenix in record time and only had to back-track a teensy little bit to find the Best Western we wanted.   Had a late lunch and a dip in the pool, and now we’re expecting some return calls from people we will connect with tomorrow for interviews.   Right now everyone’s stretched out with their laptop, I-Pad, Kindle, whatever.  The new American-style vacation.

Here is Dottie’s statement:

“The idea of a documentary film “Freedom Beat Across America In Search of America’s Heartbeat” was born out of a breakfast business meeting with Gryphon’s Lair Productions, Inc. which is a public relations and marketing consultant firm as well as an e-publisher.

I will be sixty-five years old this year, and while I am able, I want to partake in an endeavor that will be noteworthy.  I cannot think of a more noteworthy adventure than to go out and look for the heart of America.  Within the American military truly beats the Heart of America, through the dedication of its men and women.

The Civil War was selected as a starting point for our quest because in many ways it is reflected by our current times.  Not the war itself, but because of the divisiveness it brought to the nation.

We will be visiting many places and bringing up many subjects that have been covered by previous documentaries.  What makes this one different is the perspective of four women with individual expectations.  One of us currently has one son who is in the Army, and another who served in the Marines in Desert Storm.  My daughter served in the Army, and she is inurned at the Riverside National Cemetery.  Melissa is in her middle thirties and has been involved in various groups that seek to show appreciation to our troops.  Her eleven-year-old daughter, Skylar, has been at her side.

I believe that this unique group will be able to highlight our veterans through filmed interviews with friends, families and the vets themselves.  We want to discover the similarities and differences of widely separate military experiences.

It is therefore my expectation for this trip that we will be able to bring a new perspective of what is America’s Heartbeat.  And be a part of something very special.”


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2 thoughts on “Aug 1st — Day One!

  1. Hey, been following you but what’s happened? No recent adventures?

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