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Day 17 and counting!

Hooray!  We’re back!  We’ve been having trouble with some of the unsecured internet access points in various hotels.  As Dottie says, “Evidently ‘high-speed’ is a relative term.”

First, an announcement:  On Tuesday, Aug 23, at 6pm pacific time and 9pm Eastern time, we will be live on the “Phil & Bill Show”, a blog radio show.  Tune in and listen!  If you miss it, access the archives and listen at your leisure.  And check them out on Facebook.  We’re very excited that they asked us to be on the show.
Day 17 we pulled into Savannah, fell in love and decided to stay for awhile. Wednesday night we had what was our last scheduled interview on the trip. Dottie’s nephew, Lawrence Micheal Hicks, joined us, along with his pretty wife Angie and daughter Beth. He told us about his days in a Trident submarine, cruising around, prepared, as he put it, “to end the world”. Mike is retired from the Navy, and had some good stories to tell the camera.

Jones St, Savannah

After that, we spent a couple days just being tourists. We walked the beautiful streets of the Historic District and took pictures until my poor camera told me its battery was “exhausted”. I thought batteries dried up or needed charging, something like that. Apparently, mine simply got “exhausted”. So I let it rest, which was very hard to do since every place you look in that town is a photo op.

The Crystal Beer Parlor

We had dinner, at the suggestion of the hotel clerk, at the Crystal Beer Parlor which was just around the corner. Our waiter was Keith and he was the most fun we’ve had on the trip. I had a copy of what Savannah calls “The Book”Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evilby John Berendt. There are tours based on the book, and even a gift shop on Gordon Street called “The Book Gift Shop”, dedicated to all things “Midnight”. I bought a copy with the author’s signature, and a lovely note written by the founder of the gift shop. When Keith mentioned that he had played a part in the movie, well, of course I had to get him to sign it too! “What God has forgotten, Fredericks has stuffed with cotton!” Amen, sister. He told us how to spot him next to Lady Chablis, so we are all looking forward to watching the movie again as soon as we get home.

Keith at the Crystal Beer Parlor

Thursday morning we took a tour with Old Town Trolley Tours. Our guide Diva was a sweetheart, and filled us with fantastic bits of trivia about the beautiful old houses we passed. That night we took another tour with Alli, called “Ghosts and Graveyards”. We took the early tour, while it was still daylight, but it didn’t matter. As a grand finale, Alli took us inside an old chandler’s establishment down on the riverfront. It looked like no one had entered in a hundred years. Then she ran out the door, slammed it shut and the lights went out. I really don’t like sudden loud noises in the dark, folks. Skylar thought that was funny. There were ghosts and thunder and lightning, and all kinds of spooky stuff.

Tybee Island

Friday we drove out to Tybee Island just to stick our toes in the Atlantic ocean, and we have pictures to prove it. After a quick lunch by the beach, we did a 180-turn, hopped onto Route 16 and since then it’s been west, west, west! We’re happy, satisfied and very excited to be headed home.
Made it almost to Atlanta and slept in Butts County. We were so tired and giddy from hours on the road that we were trying to outdo each other with jokes about Four Broads in a Bus in Butts. I won’t bother to repeat them. That’s what happens when a trip goes so well that you have nothing left but to beat it home and start putting it all together.


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