Freedom Beat Across America: In Search of America's Heartbeat

Day 22 Heading Home!

Long days on the road now.  It’s becoming a mantra:  “The sun has riz, the sun has set.  And here we iz, in Texas yet!”

Last night we pulled into Canton, Texas. We have developed a routine for settling our stuff in the hotel room. Sky and Melissa usually grab the bed by the window, while the old ladies take the one closest to the bathroom. Sky loves it when we have an actual closet and stuffs a lot of her luggage in there, and yet a remarkable amount of bags, shoes, cameras and souvenirs seem to migrate into the far corners. Dottie and I are anal about keeping our stuff together. So, of course, we are the only ones to lose things or leave them behind.
Anyway, Dottie refused to leave the room last night, so Melissa, Sky and I went out in the van in search of sustenance. We eventually found downtown Canton, all two blocks of it. It looked like the folks had rolled up the sidewalks and gone to bed. We wanted to ask someone to recommend a place to eat but the only soul we saw was a tired-looking guy carrying a Weed-whacker, so we cruised on back to the motel and found a great place within walking distance of our room. Anyway, it looked like most of Canton had gone, not to bed, but to the Dairy Palace for Sunday evening supper. Other than a couple of fast food franchises near the freeway, this was the only place around. They sell hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast burritos, ice cream and Bibles. God bless Texas. We had a nice meal while an elderly gent glared at Melissa’s tattoos, and the lady across the way seemed to be wondering if we were in the child-kidnapping business. And in walked the tired guy minus his Weed-whacker, so we were where we should have been. This morning Melissa asked if anyone wanted to get breakfast and a Bible, but it was time to hit the road so we kindly declined.

Canton, Texas

To give an idea of how things have sped up, it took us two weeks to hit the 3000-mile mark, another few days to make it to 4000 miles, and today we crossed 5000 miles. Having exhausted most topics of conversation that don’t make Skylar squirm or gag, I resorted to renting an audiobook at one of the Cracker Barrels. Eagle-eye Sky can spot a Cracker Barrel from twenty miles, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one where we can return it.
Texas has so many wonderful military and veteran monuments, parks and museums. But Melissa is sure that we have more than enough good footage, so unless it’s something we absolutely can’t pass up, we should be home by Thursday. Then the real work begins!
Be sure to join us tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23, on the “Phil & Bill Show” on blogtalkradio. We’ll be on at 6pm pacific time, 9pm eastern. We’re so excited that they asked us to be on the show!


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