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California sunset

If you have read previous posts, then you know a little bit about our trip. Right now we’re just trying to get our minds back in California mode! Melissa and Skylar have been busy moving into their new house – the sale went through while we were on the road and poor Wes had to move most of their stuff in by himself. Melissa was having spasms all during the trip for fear he’d tile the kitchen floor with something horrible. We haven’t heard that she’s been arrested for spousal homicide yet, so I guess it’s ok.
I tried to post on the blog every night of the trip, but sometimes it was just too crazy in the hotel room to concentrate. Melissa worked on posting her blogs and articles for The Examiner and South West Riverside News Network every night, and shot out questions about who we talked to and what they said because while she was shooting video it was difficult to take notes. Nearly every night she had to download photos and video to send them back to Wes and also to clear the cameras for the next day. Skylar packed and unpacked gear, and practiced her guitar and karate lessons. Amid the din, Dottie was keeping a daily journal and trying to watch the Weather Channel to see what we were in store for the next day.

I think I caught the highlights of our days. I will be referring back to some of the stuff I learned, as well as keeping folks abreast of what’s happening with the documentary, so I’ll still be posting, just not as often, maybe once a week. Given that the heat doesn’t blow out the wi-fi. Wes has already started sorting through the hours of video and hundreds of photos that Melissa and Skylar took. Dottie will be lining up interviews with folks around here that we didn’t get to before we left. Melissa has revisited to talk about the Patriot Guard Riders. And today she called to say she has lined up interviews with, among others, a military sniper. Now, that should be interesting. Can’t wait.
My job will be to work on a possible script. We’ve begun research into a recording studio for recording the narration of the film, as well as other projects. Whether we want to invest in our own or just rent an existing one remains to be seen. I’m learning so much that I tell Dottie, in the words of an old friend, “Just lead me around on a chain!”


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