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It’s all throat-catching

Was it really two months ago?

It’s amazing to me that we’ve been back for a month. At least, it was until Rockwell-Anderson brought over the first showing of the trailer (teaser?) they made for the documentary. When I watched that short film, and my throat wanted to tighten up at the sight and the words of all those wonderful vets, I realized not only how long it’s been since we took some of the shots and interviews, but also how hard everyone’s been working. Well, I guess everyone but me.
Hey, I’m tryin’. But it’s hard to think up a narration line for a documentary-length film when they haven’t finished filming what I’m supposed to be working up a narration for. So instead I’ve been looking through some of the photos that I, personally, took on the trip. And like we all do, I found some really great stuff that I’d forgotten I had.
When we visited the YMCA Military Welcome Center at Will Rogers World Airport, back in Oklahoma City, we had some time while waiting for the next group of troops to come in. So I wandered around the lounge area and found such a gold mine on the walls. So many different badges from every type of military service in this country. There was no way to write them all down, so I whipped out my trusty two-bit digital camera. It’s a “souvenir” I’ll be glad to look over again and again. If you ever have a chance to stop by the Welcome Center, say hi to the kids coming and going. And then check out what’s on the walls.  In the meantime, are any of these yours?


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