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And the Sound Studio goes up!

Measure once, cut twice. No, wait--

Whoof! The Gryphon’s Lair Productions Sound Studio has the walls up and the door and window installed. It won’t be long now. We’ll be recording soon. That is, if we can keep from killing each other with leftover two-by-fours before we finish the ceiling and get the equipment in place.

Raising the center wall made me think of an Amish barn raising.And then it made me think of the barn raising scene in “Seven Brides of Seven Brothers”. The one where the walls fall down. Oh, ours didn’t fall down, but it’s a miracle nobody got konked on the head, broken fingers or gushing bloody wounds. Scrapes and bruises don’t count. At least not to me, since I stay well outa the way. Discretion being the better part of valor, and all that.

Well, he's proud!

That's what we got for HOW much money?

The stuff that was ordered got delivered and stacked in the driveway days before we really expected it, so assembly got started right away. Dottie’s very good at planning, and the guys have become very good at following her plans. The one requirement seems to be that she go away and let them do it. However long it takes. However sure she is that it really shouldn’t take that long or involve that many moves.

Just watch where you're aimin' that thing

Me, I’m good at offering suggestions, and everyone is too polite to suggest what I can do with them. I can change spark plugs and brake pads with the best of them, folks, but hammers are not me, so eventually I leave them to it. However, when someone pokes a head back in the house and hollers, I’m glad to run back out and help hold something up, eyeball a two-by-four and say no, it’s not straight, and find out who needs another beer. Easy.

First thing up will be Radio GLair.   “You’re on the air with Radio GLair!”

Well, we're not quite this ambitious


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