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Letters from the Heart

We put our trailer/teaser up on YouTube and the initial checkout was wonderful, so now it’s up for good! Thanks, everyone who had such great things to say. Rockwell-Anderson is now really concentrating on putting all the material together. Gryphon’s Lair has at least one more interview to film, and we’re still waiting for some material that was promised from the Pierce Museum at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. They were doing extensive renovations while we were there in August, but we were thrilled with what we saw. Can’t wait to see photos and transcripts of letters. Since they are from the Civil War, they will be the starting point of our study of how American families have always coped with sending loved ones into harm’s way.

The sound studio has doors in and massive soundproofing, except for the ceiling! There had to be some major redistribution before the ceiling was even ready to be covered over. Anyone who has ever shoved things up into a crawl space and then forgot about it knows what we’ve been going through. “Oh, that’s where that got to!”

I received copies of letters sent by a grieving family to one of the Patriot Guard Rider captains. It’s heart-breaking and yet heart-lifting to hear the deep feeling in this family’s words (family names airbrushed to preserve their privacy):


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2 thoughts on “Letters from the Heart

  1. Amazing adventure that you are undertaking. I’m signing on for the ride!

    • Hi Lorna! Glad to have you along. I’ve been having fits with my new computer, so of course as soon as a new friend signs on, I’m having a devil of a time getting new posts up! But it should be fixed soon. Thanks

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