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A tale of two Computers

A tale of two computers. The first one was special, loyal and hardworking. But it got old and began to forget things, to lose other things and even at times appeared cranky and irritable for no reason. So enter the new computer. Slick, shiny, a blizzard at tasking. Also bossy, opinionated and unheeding of the needs of a slower world. Impatient. It failed to see any reason why it should do things the way the old computer had done them and openly showed its contempt of slow and old in a world of speed and the newest upgrade. It changed things where it felt improvement was needed and when they got changed back, it pouted and locked up, and had to be wheedled into coming back to work. Finally, enraged at being adopted into such a backward family, it shut down altogether and refused to even speak to anyone. Back to the shop.

Tech-nerds soothed it, and it agreed sulkily to try to put up with the way the slow people wanted it done. But blood will show. Speed crept in, changes were snuck in to make things better.  When it received considerable contention about the definition of “better”, the new computer became baffled and then defensive and aggressive. This attitude greatly affected worktime.  Programs deemed unnecessary were closed off to avoid further conflicts. Computer went into what can only be called a hissy fit. It spewed angry colors and flashed windows of recrimination. Finally it refused pointblank to go onto the internet, stating that the slow family’s connection was beneath its high-speed abilities.

Back to the shop. More cajoling. Coaxing and stroking. It was adamant. It was passed, arms folded, lower lip jutting, from tech-nerd to tech-nerd until they all admitted defeat and with the family’s grateful permission, they sent the “new” computer to counseling back at the base-camp and dressed up a nice new “new” computer. Perhaps they gave this one a cautioning talk-to while they were at it, who knows? All systems have been running smoothly. So far. But are those small rumbles coming from within?  Do we see small clouds muttering and hovering just beyond the edges? Clues as to its kinship with its predecessor begin to leak in through. Slight nudges as to formatting appear. Windows pop up which, while not threatening, have the air of your mother when she doesn’t want to change the way you do things, but is merely suggesting, dear. We all know how that ends, don’t we?

Well, there’s always the good, old, wise, slow and faithful servant. Now, just which closet did I put him in?


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2 thoughts on “A tale of two Computers

  1. As I was reading, I got the image of a seasoned adult versus as wise-ass teen. You wrapped up your post exactly that way–amazing that we were on the save wave-length, or that your writing is so spot-on! 😉

  2. Thanks, Lorna, for those words — music to a writer’s ears.

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