Freedom Beat Across America: In Search of America's Heartbeat


The idea of a documentary film “Freedom Beat Across America In Search of America’s Heartbeat” was born out of a breakfast business meeting with Gryphon’s Lair Productions, Inc. which is a public relations and marketing consultant firm as well as an e-publisher.

Within the American military truly beats the Heart of America, through the dedication of its men and women.

We will be visiting many places and bringing up many subjects that have been covered by previous documentaries.  What makes this one different is the perspective of four women with individual expectations.  I currently have one son who is in the Army, and another who served in the Marines in Desert Storm.  Dottie’s daughter served in the Army, and she is inurned at the Riverside National Cemetery.  Melissa is in her middle thirties and has been involved in various groups that seek to show appreciation to our troops.  Her eleven-year-old daughter, Skylar, has been at her side.

I believe that this unique group will be able to highlight our veterans through filmed interviews with friends, families and the vets themselves.  We want to discover the similarities and differences of widely separate military experiences.

It is our hope that we will be able to bring a new perspective of what is America’s Heartbeat.  And be a part of something very special.



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